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Floating Villas


Floating Villas

If you've ever wondered what it's to live like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, now you have the perfect chance to experience it. Three level villas; with the main floor at sea level that is equipped with a kitchen, open concept living and dining room, and bathroom. Then there's the upper deck with a glass-bottomed jacuzzi and an amazing view of the Dubai infrastructures and lastly, a level completely submerged in water, where you have a 360 degree view of the ocean right in your bedroom, is not a scene from a futuristic movie, but rather a reality with "The Floating Seahorse" project.

The Floating Seahorse project was first launched last year by the Dubai-based real estate agent and property development firm Kleindienst and was conceptualized as essentially a boat, not a villa. However, with all the modern technology and equipment the Seahorses are going to come with, it's hard to call it a boat and not a tranquil safe haven that could be the perfect get-away from your daily stresses at work and the busy UAE lifestyle.

The villas are part of the company's project "The Heart of Europe" - a man-made archipelago constructed in the shape of the globe located four kilometers off the Dubai coast. It took more than 200 engineers, designers and architects from various countries to bring this vision into reality.

For those worried about endangering the marine life due to construction, fear not. Chief executive of Kleindeinst, Josef Kleindeinst, said that "The seahorse is an endangered species and we will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can live and breed."

The villas will cost about $1.8 million with varieties in shapes and sizes, but the standard layout will consist of the three levels mentioned above.

From plans of building a tower taller than Burj Khalifa and racing with Jeddah tower, to the creation of these super futuristic villas, it's clear that there is no stopping Dubai in achieving some of the most inspiring creations in man-made history.

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