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How to & Guides


1- Sing karaoke tunes at TECOM hole-in-the-wall 1UP

What’s weird about this venue is the artwork on the walls. The karaoke room out the back features giggle-worthy painted interpretations of The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.

2- Witness some freaky nightclub entertainment

At nightclub Mansion, check out performances by female duo DJ Sonnikov and DJ Twist: one twiddles a snake around, while the other plays the saxophone (admittedly not that quirky).

3- Eat dinner with strangers in a secret location

Each month, Lime and Tonic hosts a one-off secret supper club, serving a meal created by pop-up renegade chef Tomas Reger in an undisclosed location. Previous events have involved a Venetian carnival at The Courtyard and a cinematic dinner at RAW Coffee roastery.

4- Be insulted by the menu at Smiling BKK

This tiny, quirky Thai restaurant has a vast menu, with the names of the dishes ranging from tongue-in-cheek double entendres to comical insults. A second outlet at Al Wasl Square opens soon.

5- Watch traditional North Korean performances as you dine

The staff at Pyongyang Okryugwan restaurant all hail from North Korea: on Friday nights there’s a live talent show with singing, dancing and guitar-playing.

6- Try to eat a disappearing dessert

Karma Kafé’s white chocolate and matcha surprise appears at the table as a fine white sphere, until it begins to disappear beneath the warm sauce poured on top to reveal a secret sorbet centre.

7- Lose weight by freezing your fat cells

If exercising fails, try this wacky non-invasive way to lose weight. A vacuum uses cryogenic technology to freeze your fat cells, which are then eliminated from the body via metabolism. Weird or what?

8- Slather your face in 24-carat gold

Gold-leaf sheets are applied over your face, then left to work their magic for half an hour for an expensive treat.

9- Chuckle with strangers at a laughter workshop

Laugh the pain away, they say, so why not step outside your comfort zone and give your funny bone a workout? Laughing with strangers apparently reduces blood pressure and helps feelgood endorphins rush around the body.

10- Experience an (almost) edible spa treatment

Instead of using more conventional sand or salts, scrub away dead skin with a Peruvian chocolate body treatment. You’ll depart silky smooth and smelling like an Easter egg.

11- Throw yourself off a crane

Fling yourself off a platform suspended from a crane, 50m from the ground – with only a bungee cord to save you.

12- Get vertigo in a swimming pool

Up on the roof at Cu-Ba, the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel’s infinity pool is uniquely located above the lobby atrium, which means you can swim and look over guests all the way down on the ground floor.

13- Smash your head into glass at a mirror maze

Get lost, frustrated and lose your temper completely after walking headlong into a window for the umpteenth time in the UAE’s only mirror maze at Dubai Dolphinarium.

14- Buy rabbits, birds and ducks in Satwa

Makeshift pet store Birds World sells avians, including ducklings, budgies or parrots – but remember a parrot is for life, not just for Eid.

15- Have a drink in icy surroundings

Cool off in the freezing Chillout Bar, which is constructed from ice. You’ll be given a warm coat to wear so you don’t get too chilly in the -6°C temperatures.

16- Skydive Dubai

It has turned out to be popular to the point that it nearly looks as though it were simple. Be that as it may, when remaining on the edge of an open window of a plane flying at 4,000 meters over the ground, you should have nerves of steel when this does not affect a moment and overpowering adrenaline surge.



17- The Shark Tank

When glooming through the glass wall from the safe side of the aquarium in Dubai Mall, there seems to be little danger to this water mass. But when suddenly a couple of divers appear between the sharks that inhabit the aquarium, it becomes more exciting.

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