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Finding a New Home?

How to & Guides

Finding a New Home?

An apartment is a space that you're supposed to call "home", even if you're only going to be there a few years. However, if you're planning on buying a flat, you're probably planning on spending the next decade, if not more, in the same place. Now, real estate purchases can be confusing so, here are a few things to keep in mind while on the hunt for your new safe haven.

First of all, the essence of the apartment you're buying is the comfort and functionality of the space. There are different types of comfort in an apartment, but thermal comfort is the most crucial, then room lighting and finally, ventilation.
When it comes to thermal comfort, make sure that your place is going to be cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter, not the other way around because trust me, that's a nightmare. Then, sunlight is very important. Who wants to have the need to turn on all the lights in a room because a certain room doesn't have enough sunlight coming in from the windows? And finally, natural ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom are essential for a comfortable home, or at least decent ventilation channels in order to have a steady air flow throughout the entire place.

Check the functional organization of the rooms themselves, how the room layout is related to the other rooms in the apartment, is there a possibility of diving a space into two separate ones if necessary, and so on. Avoid places with thick walls, multiple corridors and illogicality in the organization of the space; if the rooms are too narrow and long, not illuminated enough, not enough storage space, cross that apartment off your list. Try finding a flat with an extra bedroom than you actually need. For example, if you're a young married couple with no kids, try finding a 2 bedroom apartment where the master bedroom will be your and the other bedroom is used as the guest bedroom, or a type of storage space to not clutter a certain room with your things.