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Tips and tricks for your studio apartment

How to & Guides

Tips and tricks for your studio apartment

Studio apartments are like a Rubik's cube; you can arrange everything only if you think well and dedicate yourself to making it convenient for you. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to design and organize such a small space.

Use sliding doors to hide your bedroom or any corner you'd like to keep private from your guests. They're very practical and provide you with the privacy you need in your home.

Paint your walls in a brighter colour to create the illusion of a larger space, and get furniture in light colours to match your walls. In my experience, beige walls are the best way to go, along with some colourful pink or blue carpets to create a bit of a contrast and some playfulness in your home.

You can also visually expand your space by using prints. It's scientifically proven that black and white stripes work magic so, try placing black-and-white zig-zag floor tiles or carpets across your studio to create an amazing illusion. Standard tricks with prints don't only work with clothes to make women look slimmer, they work with redesigning your apartment as well.

Storage space is crucial in small places. Multi-functionality through hidden compartments is an effective method of maximizing space in your studio. Beds with hidden storage space beneath them are one of the best modern day inventions so, try investing in one.

Shelves can easily replace walls. How? Easily. Get a large book and TV shelf and place it somewhere to divide a larger corner in your studio into two different spaces. Another plus to shelves as barriers instead of wall is that it's another way of maximizing storage space.

If your studio comes with a small closet for storage (some studio apartments have that option), create your working space there. A small desk for your computer, a foldable chair, a good lamp and voila! No need to clutter another corner in order to get some work done, you have an easier solution.

Create different "zones" in your studio by putting different tiles or carpets in different corners to signify different uses. For example, wooden floors for your living room, smooth tiles for your kitchen, a fluffy carpet for your bedroom. There are plenty of flooring options these days so pick a few that work best for you and play around with your home.

Hide your bed behind a ceiling-to-floor translucent curtain. It creates a romantic feel to your space and can be quite charming. Works best if you're a female, sliding doors to hide your bed is a much better solution if you're male.

Another piece of advice is to get custom-made furniture and carpentry instead of ready-made ones. You'll probably end up spending less on something custom-made; it also helps you organize your space according to the dimensions of your studio.


Those are just a few tips and tricks on creating a cozy home out of a studio apartment. The most important thing is to use as much space as possible without compromising the comfort and accessibility of your apartment, making it a clutter-free and quiet oasis where you can relax after a long day at work.