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Home Improvements



1.Clever Kitchen Storage

While normal kitchen cupboard serve a useful purpose, there's something eye-catching and engaging about these open (and organised) storage racks. Designer John Gidding needed to separate the kitchen from the dining area yet at the same time keep the whole space open and airy. By including the little divider, he could transform a little kitchen into two separate rooms. In addition, the floor-to-roof racks are the ideal spot to store and show most loved items and pretty crystals.

2.Home Office Nook

when managing a little room, don't let any additional space unused. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn transformed this nook between two small closets into a simple and efficient workstation. adding racks above the desk provides extra space to display and store books. Because the desk is built into the wall, it takes up little room and still leaves an open path in the bedroom.

3.Bathroom Storage

Narrow wall shelves are an excellent way to store bathroom essentials in a stylish way. Invest in attractive canisters to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls and your favorite lotion, and place unsightly toiletries under the vanity. Small wicker baskets can also be placed on the shelves for additional, hidden storage. Design by John Gidding

4.Multipurpose Space

Sometimes, a multipurpose space is unavoidable, and your home office and guest bedroom must inhabit the same space. To make the best of this situation, use the surrounding walls to your advantage. Designer John Gidding created a simple desk unit and added a collection of shelves above for necessary storage. Connected to the desk, a stylishly concealed Murphy bed can easily pull out for those occasional guests. During the day, store the bed for a creative and spacious workspace.

5.Keep It Light

To make your space seem bigger, avoid using dull shades. This eclectic living room features a gray focal wall for a punch of color but keeps the rest of the space light and open with crisp, white furniture and white built-in units.

6.Curtain Divider

A simple, sheer curtain is an awesome way to effectively partition two spaces. Designer Vanessa DeLeon incorporated a sheer, silk curtain panel into this Asian-style apartment to include an emotional component and visually isolate the family room from the lounge area.

7.Beneath the Stairs

Any space can be upgraded with extra (and beautiful) storage solutions. Designer John Gidding included a racking unit directly underneath the stairs to take advantage of the awkward, extra space. Located adjacent to the kitchen, he turned the unit into a mini bar, storing bar essentials and other accessories. These shelves would also be an ideal place to display an abundant book collection.

8.Add a Mirror

One of the best (and most effortless) tricks in the design world is adding a full-body mirror to expand a space.Surrounded by neutral draperies, this tall mirror adds dimension to the space and makes the little room seem much bigger. Close the curtains and hide the mirror for a more intimate and enclosed space.