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dream kitchen

Home Improvements

dream kitchen

The kitchen always has a special place in my heart; it's the place where the entire family gets together and has a hearty meal, talking about the newest happenings in their lives. It's, in my opinion, the one space in your house that really brings the entire "gang" together. With the modern times already here, many people are moving forward with plans on renovating this precious space in their houses/apartments but don't know where to begin. So, if you're one of those people who aren't really sure how to start the whole process, read on for some pieces of advice that can come in handy.

Before starting the whole renovation, you need to sit down and decide on a budget that you can afford without jeopardizing the next few months of your life financially.
Think carefully what your plans are for your future - do you intend on staying in your home for at least the next five years or not? Don't be stingy, but make sure that your future kitchen will be able to meet all your needs and desires. Money spent on these types of renovations aren't wasted, on the contrary, other than providing a new perspective and space in your home, it increases the value of the entire place if you consider moving at some point. Of course, you need to also keep in mind that there are always unexpected costs so you need to be financially prepared for those situations as well.

Have a clear vision of what you want. Really sit down and look at every inch of the place and try to imagine in your mind what would be good where. You should also check various magazines to find photos that will inspire you in your decorating process.

Find a good contractor. Talk to relatives and family members ans ask for their opinions and experiences with contractors in order to choose the best one to get the work done. After doing some research, you could contact the ones you like the most, or the ones who sound the most competent for your future kitchen and ask them to give you ideas for your kitchen. When you "click" with a certain contractor the most, sit down and make a detailed plan that is both feasible and affordable for you. Keep in mind that custom-made kitchens are cheaper to construct than buying ready-made kitchens.

When arranging the kitchen, the most important thing is the element arrangement. Look at the space and determine which model of the kitchen suits best. Do not stick closely to the current layout of the elements, make sure that you can more easily distribute the elements to make your kitchen look more modern and convenient for your everyday needs. Try to make the sink as close as possible to the cooking area and the refrigerator making your movement around the kitchen while cooking much simpler. To make your kitchen look cheerful, add plenty of lighting elements. It will be of great help when preparing dinner for your guests and family members.

The work surface is one of the most important elements in a kitchen. Try to avoid a ceramic working surface because it gets corroded quite easily and can't be repaired. It can also be quite expensive depending on the surface area you need to cover. Use granite instead because it's easier to clean, it's much cheaper and much more endurable than ceramic. Choose colorful colours that match the aesthetic and layout of your design in order to avoid visible dirt marks. Black and white working surfaces are quite ungrateful because the tiniest of crumbs or stains becomes visible.

Lighting is quite important, and don't forget that. Keep in mind that it's impractical to illuminate a kitchen area using a single light body, especially if it's on the ceiling only. My recommendation is to install LED lights above the working area or below the elements making it easier to see what you're doing while preparing a meal. 2 or 3 lighting sources help distribute the lighting evenly across your kitchen and helps bring in a sense of warmth in your brand new space.

We hope that these few pieces of advice help you on your renovation journey to a brand new kitchen where you will love spending your time and preparing meals for your loved ones.