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A new "twist" in the field of architecture

Property News

A new "twist" in the field of architecture

Dubai definitely doesn't stop surprising us - you have the world's largest shopping mall, the tallest building in the world, and the largest man-made island but, observing things from the side, it doesn't seem to be enough.

In 2020, this city, which is best known for testing the limits of the possible, wants to be praised for the world's first rotating skyscraper. The Dynamic Tower, what this structure will be called, is the works of Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher. The tower will rotate around its axis and will give residents a different view at all times during the day and at night.

Plans for this 80 storey building were presented for the first time in 2008 but no work was done until now due to planning, obstruction, and design changes. However, almost a decade later, the project finally got the green light and is on the go.

Fisher's plans allow each floor to rotate independently, which will alter the shape of the whole structure. Designed by time, and shaped by life, the tower will have an approximate 50 degree rotation daily, which translates to an almost full 360 degree rotation on a weekly basis. According to the architectural firm in charge of the Rotating Tower project, the skyscraper will have shapes that will define time and life, but will never be the same. It's planned to be the first four dimensional building in the world.

Residents of the skyscraper will be able to wake up and enjoy the sunrise, but then, later in the day, the same windows will have a view of the sunset. They can also slow down or speed up the rotation of their home so that their panorama view of Dubai can be changed to rotate on a minute, hour, or daily basis.

To rotate these floors, energy will be collected from the 79 turbines that will be deployed horizontally between the levels, reducing the cost of electricity. Also, this tower will have solar ink on the roof, which will produce additional energy. There will also be a stationary lift built within the central concrete core of the building, which will give residents the ability to transport and park their cars near their apartments.

Using the earlier produced units, the floors of the skyscraper will be factory manufactured before connecting them with the construction. The units, which are made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and other high-quality and modern materials will be installed mechanically on the site and they will offer luxury details, a speedy construction and a minimal number of workers hence, reducing the costs and the risk of injuries.

The modern world is full of unique and attractive buildings however, this Dubai skyscraper is definitely putting a twist in the world of architecture and will leave people wondering "What will Dubai think of next?"