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City on Mars

Property News

City on Mars

Space research and projects imply international cooperation and great investments in science and technology, and in this light, the publication of the Emirates' plans for the construction of a city on the Red Planet should also be interpreted.

According to the ruler of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Al Maktum, project "Mars 2117" integrates the vision of creating a small city and a liveable environment on Mars by including state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of top space researchers.

Seeing as the UAE intends to build a fully functional city on Mars in 100 years, that means that it's a multi-generation project that will last decades, given the current state of the national space program, as well as existing global opportunities.

From today until 2117, the Emirates, with the international researchers' partnership, will try to find a faster means of transport to Mars and institutions where foods should be grown, as well as what kind of buildings they should build in the cool and dry climate that Mars is known for.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktum mentioned that "Mars 2117" is a seed that they plan on sowing in order to harvest the fruits of future generations led by the advancement of human technology and the courage of science.

The United Arab Emirates have already made it known to the world that the rich nation has plans that are beyond our planet, since they have previously announced plans to send robots to Mars.

A spacecraft called "Hope" is supposed to fly to Mars in 2020 and arrive in the orbit of the "red planet" in 2021, making it the predecessor of the future first Martian emirate.

Ilon Musk's company, Space X, is also developing plans for operating the city on Mars, although deadlines and commercial space companies are not specified. Musk claims that Space X is working on sending the first human crew to Mars by 2024, a decade earlier than NASA has set for themselves as a plan of arrival.

The plans of Space X are still futile when it comes to the deadlines for raising the city on Mars, and the indicative plans point to the 2060s.

Neither Space X nor the UAE, however, can reach Mars alone. Both Musk and the Emirates need international private partners that will help build this artificial city on Mars.

It is unclear whether or not the oil-rich monarchy and the US private company will unite in their ventures, but Musk said that he is open to public (governmental) and private partnerships in achieving this goal.