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The Tower

Property News

The Tower

The Palm. Burj Al Arab. Burj Khalifa. Those are just a few infrastructures that make Dubai a leading touristic and business destination and now, Dubai has outdone itself by announcing their new construction project that will blow your mind.

" Years ago, we launched Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world. Today, we are celebrating the foundation of a new structure that represents another phase in our journey to be at the forefront of growth in various sectors. " said Sheikh Mohammed Zayed in his statement while announcing Dubai's newest construction at Dubai Creek Harbor - The Tower.

Construction of The Tower is scheduled to be completed by 2020 and is going to cost about $1 billion. The Pinnacle Room, which will be one of the ten observation decks planned on the oval-shaped bud at the top of The Tower, will offer spectators a full-frontal 360-degree view of the magnificent city of Dubai. The leading man behind this breathtaking construction is no other than Santiago Calatrava - whose best-known work includes the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Turning Torso, and the Museum of Tomorrow.

It is without a doubt that the fast-pace lifestyle that Dubai has to offer is going to be richer with The Tower in the heart of the Dubai Creek Harbor by the end of 2020, and that with the vision of it being slender and evoking the image of a minaret as described by Adrian Jones, the Aurecon's project director for The Tower, it will be the perfect sight for people working and living in Dubai, and it will be a must-see infrastructure for everyone looking from the outside in, gazing and being in awe of the magnificent Tower that will be part of Dubai in just three short years.