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Property News


Simon Rowland
YZER Group

The main vision of our company to provide better value for consumer on high-ticket items such:

  • Property/cars/homes

Harvey Bennett

YZER Property

We are obviously very new however we already have more listings on our website than propertyfinder.ae

After 4 month to achieve something like that I feel very pleased, very proud and I’m very confident that we going to grow very very fast. Already we have generated 9000 leads per month and that is growing in a rate I couldn’t calculate because basically every day increases very fast.

There are 5 key market factors:

  1. How competitive the industry is. It is a very competitive place to be. It’s expensive. Demand on luxury lifestyle products are increased and consumers want to get better quality product at lower price.
  2. Ultimately demand for property in UAE on investment side is still there. It is slowing as microeconomic factors across to glow begin to impacts category here. There is a huge ** of variety, more inventory available on the market than has been previously and ultimately the audience is fine now.
  3. Naturally it’s easier with little help. Our website is easy to find. We have invested a lot of money into google and other platforms which ensure you can find us wherever you are on any device. Just at the time when you need us. When we have started to build a platform we ensured that consumers could find things when they need it and compare them with each other. We ensured that people could select more locations/communities and buildings and they could compare different units and compare them against to each other. We ensure that people could select multiple locations/communities and buildings.
  4. We understood that experience with “Paramount” and we have built and designed listings accordantly. Everything is incredibly experiential. We try to give more space to the listings and to the images so people could see thigs that they want to see. We ensure that descriptions are matching the property and ensure they are compelling. Naturally as a lead generation website we also take great pains to make sure that consumers can identify and share with brokers the contact details for the property that they want.
  5. One more thing:
    I’m delating to tell you that YZER Property is officially the first and only RERA verified property website in the UAE.


Dmitry Nazarov
YZER Motors

With a short period of time we became the best and the largest portal in the UAE in the rental car segment. By identifying different needs on the market we have deployed different sections, such as:
car leasing – doesn’t exist in the UAE at all.

We have special customer service team which working 24/7 on individual level. WE are making sure that if you’re coming on our portal you will definitely find what are you looking for and we going to help you and educate you and we will get what you need. We are developing different sections more and more and soon we are going to go into the car sales. WE are going to open for dealers and for the private sellers as well. Also we are going to do what does not exist in the market – yacht sales and rent soon.

YZER Systems

We believe it is a future of construction. It is a light gauge steel frames construction technology. It is a global patent that we have developed and we are rolling out to many regions around the world. We have identified curtain gaps in the market that we feel we could add value too. This is obviously with a cost effective niche with the quality and the rapid construction time .