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YZER Property began as a simple idea

Property News

YZER Property began as a simple idea


  • How was YZER Real Estate founded? Why did its founders choose Dubai as its headquarters?

YZER Property began as a simple idea - give everyone the opportunity to find better value on the most expensive things they buy. We always liked real estate and it’s very expensive, so it felt like Dubai the right place for us to start. We’re all very dynamic people and love being at the forefront of innovation. What better place for us to focus our energy than a city which has progressed so quickly not just as an economy but physically, in terms of the buildings and population. Everyone needs a home and we wanted to play a part in helping people find homes. The newly established “YZER Property”, being a part of YZER Group becomes the only 360° marketing solution company, not only focusing on a plain real estate sales. This is the core reason why we’ve founded “YZER Property” in Dubai to make a difference among other real estate companies and deliver new ultimate unseen services on the Market.

  • The company recently made a wide marketing campaign targeting the real estate market. Were you able to attract customers through this campaign, especially in the presence of competitors in the market today?

Our latest initiative is to give listings away for free to brokers. Most people may not be aware but all of the market leaders charge real estate companies to put listings on their sites. This often leads to fake properties being shown to try and attract people to call. We don’t have that problem because there is no cost for the real estate company. We’ve seen listings increase very quickly in the last 2 weeks and now have nearly 80,000 online.

  • What makes YZER different from other companies in the market today—what is your USP?

The UAE is a fast moving and exciting country to operate in. However, the real estate market is softening and becoming harder to succeed in. By offering listings free to property brokers, YZER Property provides the widest range of high quality listings in the UAE, enabling users to find their dream property with a few simple clicks within a single site. Our whole business is built around the simple promise of delivering products which benefit users first. As a business, we are more focused on delivering this promise to users than monetary gain.

  • How is the company currently faring in the real estate market?

Consumers are more sophisticated than ever. As a property portal our core responsibility is to help users find better value during their buying journey. The current data shows that user searches online have increased year on year.

The increasing amount of mid-range stock in Dubai is providing a steady flow of real estate investment, despite a softening global economy. As is inline with our core values, we believe that helping investors to identify the right investment opportunity, for them as an individual is paramount. Therefore, we place great emphasis on identifying the most exciting off plan projects in the country. This position has propelled us to a leading place in investor research and is helping us establish market share. Significant growth from Far-Eastern markets including China has been an interesting trend which we’ve been working hard to capture. The website currently operates in 12 languages and we plan to add more in the coming months.

  • How many properties are included in YZER's portfolio?

As a property portal, the number of properties listed on the site changes hourly. However, we’re currently listing 75,000 properties in the UAE.

We’re very proud to announce that in November, we are offering free subscriptions and free CRM to all real estate brokers. This initiative is aimed at supporting the real estate brokers by providing them with a far reaching advertising platform free of cost during a period which is forecasted to be more challenging than usual.

  • What is the role that your company wishes to play in the real estate market?

YZER Property is an ambitious company. We have entered into an extremely competitive space and intend to lead the market through thought leading initiatives, and collaboration. Being new, we have the flexibility to quickly change direction and deliver programs which genuinely benefit both users and real estate companies.

  • How does the company benefit in its move to link their own brokers with the data base of current properties that are on offer in Dubai?

YZER wants to put the consumer first, and the best way to help the consumer is to make it easier to find the property they want. We think that listing all of the UAE’s properties in one place is the best way to achieve this. That is why everything we do is about benefiting the consumer rather than YZER. We believe that this collobaration between YZER, consumers and real estate brokers will allow us to become the number one real estate portal in the UAE.

  • How does the company evaluate and see the current status of the local real estate market?

Times are challenging for real estate companies. There is more new stock being developed leading to a very competitive environment for off plan sales. Prices are becoming more affordable for buyers leading to new investment coming into the market. That said, consumers are better educated in their investment decisions making any sale far more challenging to close.

RERAs move to guarantee that listings have been agreed to by the landlords also signals a maturing attitude to the secondary market. While off-plan developers have been monitored closely for many years by RERA and DLD, ready properties have been harder to keep track of. By making real estate companies responsible for their listings RERA is clamping down on some of the tactics which have led to complaints of fraud.

  • Does YZER keep track of studies and research about the supply and demand of the real estate market?

Yes, we work very closely with the RERA, and constantly pay close attention to publicly available research. We are also lucky enough to produce our own analysis based on the information listed on yzerproperty.com

  • What are the challenges faced by marketers of real estate in the internet?

Digital marketing of real-estate is expensive, and therefore you need to have highly skilled resource running the activity. YZER has invested in acquiring very experienced, senior digital marketers to run acquisition activity. We also invest significant amounts in analytics and algorithmic attribution to understand what activity is driving what sales to improve efficiency. Beyond the cost of digital media, the main challenge is ensuring the leads are of high quality. Again, we have invested in extra layers to increase quality. Finally, we experience some problems with the integration of leads with sales teams - leads are not always consistently handled by sales teams which then impacts how we view the quality of the leads. It’s a perennial problem that we are working on a solution to.

  • What gains can online real estate marketing companies get as compared to traditional real estate businesses?

Advertising online gives the real estate company access to a wider audience which is ready to transact. This ability to target users when they are looking for a property makes online advertising very effective.

  • Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for the efficient processes or operations of local properties for sale in the local real estate market?

Digitising and modernising the existing real estate industry can help both users and brokers. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s vision to make Dubai a smart city should be a priority for real estate companies. Digitising the purchase process and then providing users with all the tools required in order to make more informed decisions and conversely, provide brokers with rich data in order to ensure they are able to stay relevant with their users.

  • What is the income bracket of your target consumers? Are there any statistics or surveys carried out by the site?

At YZER we want to help people from all walks of life. Whether you are a serial investor looking for luxury villas or a newcomer to the market looking for an affordable apartment to rent. We believe that everyone is entitled to better value and feel that by puting all property for sale or rent in one place we will benefit everyone looking for an apartment or villa.