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Select the most convenient and nice area, with convenient transportation and communication

An unprecedented choice of commercial properties await you in the United Arab Emirates

If you are looking to start or expand your business, whatever sector you are active in, the UAE offer current or prospective businessmen a vast variety of choice. Such properties as a whole can include a wide spectrum of subcategories: retail space, office space, warehouses, labour housing or plots of land for future construction. Whatever your concept, in the UAE you can find commercial space fine-tuned for your particular needs.

The UAE are a firmly established and highly regarded regional financial hub. After unification of the seven Emirates and on the back on an oil boom, the country’s rulers have invested in sustainable economic development and extensive property construction projects. Now a centre for all business activities of the Middle East and North Africa, anyone seeking to establish his/her business in this country can make use of modern transport infrastructure and a variety of buildings.

Unique setting for unprecedented business opportunities!

YzerProperty website is a unique comprehensive source to find commercial real estate

At YzerProperty we appreciate that starting or expanding a venture, which earns you your livelihood, has to be a well thought-through process. The following factors need to be evaluated in depth when browsing through the listings on our website. Does your business operate with its clients directly or remotely via phone/internet? If there is a high degree of personal interaction, you will need to choose a location in close proximity to your clients.  Note that this may attract a price premium.

We understand that the price you pay for your real estate location can make or break your profitability. Look up all options on our website and we trust that you will make a sound decision! For instance, if you are in the hospitality business, such as restaurants, being in good accessibility is paramount. The same applies to the retail sector, especially if you rely on the occasional buyer rather than constant clientele.

The prices of commercial realty across the UAE

The cost of commercial properties in the UAE can vary greatly, depending several factors. Not only is location, as discussed above, of paramount importance, but also several other factors can influence the price. Make sure to look up all information on future developments of the area. For instance, a unit may seem overpriced at first glance, but if you dig into planned modifications to the area, you will understand that the given place is likely to generate more revenue in the future.

In the aftermath of the world financial crisis from 2008, the UAE have experienced a slump in property prices, which has not fully recovered since. In fact, real estate for both leasing and buying has been falling by an average of 5% in the last few years. However, as the most populous Emirate of the country, namely Dubai, is getting ready to welcome the World Expo in 2020, business real estate has started to experience an upward trend this year due to renewed investor interest. This trend has also affected commercial realty. At the same time, local governments are increasing fiscal spending, which will pour money into the economy and put upward pressure on the property market.